Jeremy Price
Jeremy has twelve years of experience tutoring and teaching literature and writing, beginning with his senior year at Haverford, when his English professors asked him to tutor in the writing center. His interest in tutoring dates to the year he spent at Oxford, where learning consists largely of writing essays for weekly tutorials. Recent tutees of his have been students at top schools in New York and the surrounding area, including Columbia, Cornell, NYU, U Penn, Horace Mann, Dwight-Englewood, Loomis Chaffee, Trevor, and Stuyvesant. Now he lives in Montreal and offers tutoring there as well.

Emphasizing process and the workmanlike construction of language, his instruction is for many students an essential complement to classroom learning, resulting in clear improvement of their written work and the furthering of their development as autonomous thinkers.

He offers regularly scheduled as well as ad hoc tutoring, either in person or via email and distance conferencing, in accordance with the student's location and needs. He has helped many prospective students with application essays and provides personalized preparation for standardized tests, including the analytical writing and critical reading components of the SAT and GRE, as well as the AP, SAT, and GRE Subject Tests in English Literature and Language.

Testimonials and Recommendations

Supreme. Grades on my school essays and my SAT writing improved. Never did he write the essay himself; he would help me through my thinking process and give me ideas for the essay, but he never did the thinking for me. I feel that his tutoring improved not just my essays but my writing skills and my ability as a writer. In terms of writing, he is the best teacher I had. No joke. — D.K., Senior, Taft, now attending the University of Pennsylvania

I got into Columbia. Thank you so much for all of your help, Jeremy. I could not have done it without you. — E.S., Project Manager, Goldman Sachs, now attending the Columbia University School of Social Work

Jeremy! I was a bit worried today because I was finding out whether I got into Columbia, and I did! I am really happy! I think the essays helped a lot. Thank you so much! — A.A., Senior, Horace Mann, now attending Columbia University

You are the MASTER of vocabulary and a genius in reading comp. You were very thorough and patient. I made a tremendous improvement. I went from a mid 500 to low 700. The tutoring was excellent. It was a great learning experience. Your teaching style was definitely unique. I loved you as my teacher. — G.S., Senior, Pascack Hills High School, now attending Tufts University

Jeremy's writing is marvelous. And as a teacher, he has proved himself to be remarkably skilled, sophisticated, enthusiastic, and generous. His students like and admire him, and he has done much to foster their intellectual growth and their development as writers. It is my conviction that his participation in the work and lives of others will bring them inspiration and improvement. — Frank Conroy, Acclaimed Author and Director Emeritus of Iowa Writers' Workshop and Literature Program of the NEA

Jeremy has an exceptional gift for narrative pace and comic situation and a very clear and vigorous style. He has a natural gift for teaching as well, lively and stimulating in his presentation and responsive to the reactions of others. — Barry Unsworth, Acclaimed Author and 1992 Booker Prize Winner

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